Welcome to Sonic Synergy

The ultimate specialists in ultra high fidelity 2-channel audio systems.


Sonic Synergy is fully run by Lee Thomas and Beach Mercer. We are both extremely passionate and dedicated in creating the ultimate musical experience and providing you with the most enjoyable system possible. With over 20 successful years of experience in carefully selecting and matching the finest equipment from around the world, the performance of our thoroughly matched systems starts at a level which most audio experts fail to ever achieve.


We personally serve one customer at a time with the sole aim of providing the best system possible in your home, matching it to your individual tastes and requirements. It is essential to us that you are completely satisfied and have a system you will love. We assist you throughout the whole process of system matching, set-up and fine-tuning. All of which is done in your home, ensuring each system is tailored to your requirements and musical environment.


We have created several beautifully balanced systems, which have been synergistically matched from deep within. These systems provide the ultimate music experience and simply immerse you in pure sonic bliss. Please contact us if you would like to experience them in your own home.